Savaii School Rugby League 9s

  • June 21, 2017

When Rugby League Samoa sent out invitations to primary and secondary schools in the Big Island regarding the 2017 proposed rugby league 9s competition, they took to it like fish in water.    Whilst the weather was shady perfect, it made for an electric yet fast paced competition fielding more than 20 teams all eager for a piece of the game and bragging rights on island.   When you are from the Big Island nothing gets your blood pumping more than the right to brag.   The enormous support from the schools as well as the parents involved was fantastic and not to the mentione the public in general.  The grassroot level is is a huge target area for RLS and we can evidently see that support for this level continues to grow and expand into realms outside of the school environment.  Getting the backing from the parents and schools to not only identify potential talent but to continuously develop the game in Savaii for the future is a much sought after goal of RLS.

This is the third year RLS has hosted such a tournament in Savaii and with every year it continues to get bigger.  This is a clear indication that the development of the game is heading in the right direction.  2017 saw a total of 22 teams enter the competition with some returning to defend their titles.  RLS was treated to some fancy Kasianolike line breaks and it was even more surpirsing to hear the young students mention NRL players of Samoan descent each time on field players would mimick their playing style.  A successful and fun day for all who participated.

The results standing are as follow:

Under 12:
1st Faga Primary School
2nd Saipipi Primary School

Under 14:
1st Saipipi Primary School
2nd Faga Primary School
3rd St Theresa Primary School

Under 16:
1st Palauli Sisifo College
2nd Tuasivi College
3rd Uesiliana College

Under 18:
1st Tuasivi College
2nd Uesiliana College
3rd LDS Vaiola College