• September 29, 2022

PACIFICAST GLOBAL PTY LTD (PacifiCast) and RUGBY LEAGUE SAMOA INC (Rugby League Samoa) announce the execution of a Strategic Alliance to develop and promote Rugby League in Samoa for the 2022 World Cup and through to 2029.

September 28, 2022 – PacifiCast and Rugby League Samoa are pleased to announce a long-term Strategic Alliance to better promote and develop the sport of rugby League in Samoa.

Under the terms of the multi-faceted agreement, PacifiCast and Rugby league Samoa have agreed to work together to promote Rugby League Samoa on the international stage and to enhance through sponsorship and professional management the long-term prospects and future of the sport in the Pacific nation of Samoa.

The agreement provides a commercial framework for:
(a) Financial support of the Samoan men’s national team for the World Cup in 2022 to take place in England;
(b) The review of all commercial agreements to maximize the value and return to Samoan Rugby League;
(c) Create clear partnership programs with external competition bodies for emerging local playing talent and coaching staff development.
(d) Develop the Samoan women’s rugby league game through the PacifiCast Island of Origin series.

PacifiCast was founded on the premise that true intrinsic value exists in ‘Pasifika’ through the innate talents of its people. These traits and attributes are undeniably evident with the global emergence of top Pacific athletes, musicians, actors, academics, and professionals.

PacifiCast places a new lens on the Pacific to highlight the true richness of the region and its people to the world.

Julius Tuigamala, the founder of PacifiCast, said: “I am honored to partner with Rugby League Samoa and support the national men’s team in the upcoming World Cup and beyond.
As well as a desire to see the Pacific community supported and showcased, this partnership also honours a personal commitment to fulfill the dream of the late Tuigamala Fesolai Va’aiga Tuigamala, my uncle.

“Uncle Inga was a prolific talent in dual rugby codes who had a big passion for our communities and supporting the next generation of athletes. He fought to play for Rugby League Samoa, and I will fight to support our young talent committing to represent Samoa. I know he’s already smiling with what we have achieved to date.

“This is the first agreement of many to be announced that will allow PacifiCast to execute its holistic approach to building a commercial platform for all Pacific Island talents to excel.”

Julius Tuigamala added: “Pacificast is committed to identifying alliances, partners and opportunities to improve and enhance the outlook for all individuals and businesses living or operating in the Pacific Region. We look forward to working with Samoa and other nations in the region in respect to these opportunities as we develop and grow.”

Tagaloa Faafouina Su’a, the President of Rugby League Samoa said: “We are blessed to have PacifiCast Global onboard and it is great to visualise the potential in our athletes and talents. We now embark on new strategic direction for sustainable growth and transition from good to great. Viia le Alii.”

About PacifiCast
PacifiCast Global is a diversified private equity investment firm focusing on investment in the Pacific region. With multiple verticals, it moves to execute its first stage strategy in Sports, Music, Cultural and Arts events under its subsidiaries before mobilising further government strategies in Education, Health / Mental fitness & Technology through Blockchain integration Initiatives.

About Rugby League Samoa Inc
Rugby league Samoa Inc is the governing not for profit body that administers Rugby League in Samoa and is committed to the growth and development of the game in Samoa from grassroots domestic leagues to the international level.